Han Shin Japanese Steakhouse Kansas City

While in Kansas visiting a friend, went here for my friend’s youngest brothers birthday. We had reservations for 8pm but got hungry earlier. So, we ventured down to see if we could be sat sooner. Turns out the reservation ahead of ours didnt show, so we got sat right away. Score! This place isnt very big, but not cramped. Theres room at the hibachi for two groups of people.

Do note that theres a different menu between hibachi and the rest of the place.

Once sat we ordered drinks and then food. I got the steak and chicken. The steak was hands down the best. Chicken was chicken. Nothing to write about. The soup was delicious with a kick and the salad was yummy. I was painfully full afterwards and had a whole meal worth of leftovers.

Submitted 12-18-2017

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