Han Shin Japanese Steakhouse Kansas City

We walked into a small restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. It felt upscale without being pretentious (nice balance!). Service was excellent! The person with me had the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box; I had the Monkey Brains roll (if only for the name!)

The Bento box came with 4 pieces of California roll, chicken teriyaki, steamed rice, green salad, and miso soup.

The Monkey Brains roll was essentially a California roll topped with spicy tuna and salmon.

Presentation was excellent. The bento box was beautifully laid out and all the food was clearly freshly prepared. Dishes were nice; the silverware was presented nicely folded in a napkin with chopsticks.

We tried each others dishes and were pretty impressed! The chicken teriyaki was very good; slightly sweet for my taste, but cooked perfectly with a great underlying meat flavor. It wasn’t bland rubber chicken, as is so often the case. The California roll was also very good. The sticky rice was sticky without being pasty. The salad had a nice Asian-style dressing that had a little punch, but nice.

The Monkey Brains sushi was also excellent. The seafood appeared to be very fresh. From the taste, if it was frozen, it was the best job with frozen seafood I’ve seen in a long time. Very flavorful, prepared well.

Prices were reasonable for this type of restaurant; with a soft drink and tip, we paid about $20 per plate.

They also offer the tepenyaki-style cooking toward the back, though this wasn’t active when we were there. Finally, there was a terrific little feature: their regular’s have their dedicated chopsticks in cases mounted on the wall. Cute idea!

So I’d recommend Han Shin in Overland Park. Good stuff!

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