Han Shin Japanese Steakhouse Kansas City

Ramen is love, ramen is life.

I normally don’t write so highly of a place until I try more dishes, but I can’t help but love the amazing ramen that is served here. The review is mainly based off of my experiences with the ramen. The noodles are flavorful as expected, being thicker it is easy to slurp along with the warm soup. The eggs and tonkatsu are cooked to perfection, crispy and tasty. Even the fish patties are not rubbery, contrasting many other KC ramen restaurants, making for a fluid and easily consumed meal. The seaweed sprinkled on top helps create a slightly fishy flavor, tying the tonkatsu with the rest of the dish.

Flavor-wise the dish has equilibrium, each segment balances well with the other. Even the corn at the bottom has a use: it helps one finish the soup to the very last drop! A filling ramen dish is easy on the stomach and good for the mind. If necessary, chile oil can be requested for depth and added heat on cold winter days.

To note, I have tried some other dishes.
The teppanyaki was delicious in the homely, down-to-earth sense. It lacks an array of flavors, mainly focusing on strong umami with some char for depth. Good, but I would prefer the ramen.

The dishes are each very well prepared and presented for the soups and sushi. The ramen is the best in Kansas City by that category alone.

The friendliness of the owners and servers here are bar-none, making the guest feel at home, comfortable in the wait for food.
The decorations are simple yet modern, leading to a relaxing atmosphere that is great for conversing.

Overall I was impressed with the ramen from the beginning and the experience has been consistent over the past few visits. Han Shin has become a staple in my food adventure with a ramen that keeps me coming back for more.

Submitted 2-11-2017

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