Han Shin Japanese Steakhouse Kansas City

Customer Reviews

Kevin H.

I’ve NEVER had a bad meal here…. The FOOD IS OUT OF THIS WORLD… The Sushi is great and My wife loves the Hibachi We’ve NEVER had a Bad meal there…. awesome! Submitted 2-12-2018

Tara R.

While in Kansas visiting a friend, went here for my friend’s youngest brothers birthday. We had reservations for 8pm but got hungry earlier. So, we ventured down to see if we could be sat sooner. Turns out the reservation ahead of ours didnt show, so we got sat right away. Score! This place isnt very big, but not cramped. Theres room at the hibachi for two groups of people. Do note that theres a different menu between hibachi and the rest of the place. Once sat we ordered drinks and then food. I got the steak and chicken. The steak was hands down the best. Chicken was chicken. Nothing to write about. The soup was delicious with a kick and the salad was yummy. I was painfully full afterwards and had a whole meal worth of leftovers. Submitted 12-18-2017

Herbert Y.

This family run Japanese restaurant has been our favorite for many years. We were disappointed when they moved further away but the extra drive is made up for by their great food and friendliness. We have enjoyed their grill food always prepared with great entertainment by the chef (be ready for the egg roll). They have a variety of grilled beef, chicken and seafood as well as vegetables. When not doing the grill, we enjoy their bento boxes, sushi, and hardy soups. And don’t miss their deserts–not Japanese but delicious. Submitted 11-9-2017

Stephanie B.

Love the salmon and Bonnie goes out of her way to make you happy and feel at home. Regulars get their own special chopsticks. I love this place. Submitted 9-27-2017

Arthur P.

A few days ago our family went to Han Shin for our niece’s b-day. My wife & I have never been there before but were quite interested in trying it. The restaurant is rather small. In the back area there are two large grills with seating around the grills (similar to the old Hibachi restaurant in K.C.,MO, on the Plaza). There were 8 of us and we had reservations for the hibachi table area. For an appetizer I ordered the “Spicy Garlic Edamame” which are soybeans cooked in the shells and then cooked again in a spicy garlic sauce. They were wonderful. You do not eat the shells, just the beans inside. We all ordered from their various “Teppanyaki” dinner menu items, which are cooked on the grill in front of you by a very skilled “Iron Chef” showman. I had the Salmon & Calamari with fried rice. The salmon was excellent however the calamari was rather rubbery. Others had various fish & steak combinations. The service was very good and the chef was an excellent performer. Prices were frankly a little high and the wine list quite limited, but if you have not experienced Japanese food, Han Shin is well worth a try. We will go back. Submitted 4-28-2017

Joshua W.

Ramen is love, ramen is life. I normally don’t write so highly of a place until I try more dishes, but I can’t help but love the amazing ramen that is served here. The review is mainly based off of my experiences with the ramen. The noodles are flavorful as expected, being thicker it is easy to slurp along with the warm soup. The eggs and tonkatsu are cooked to perfection, crispy and tasty. Even the fish patties are not rubbery, contrasting many other KC ramen restaurants, making for a fluid and easily consumed meal. The seaweed sprinkled on top helps create a slightly fishy flavor, tying the tonkatsu with the rest of the dish. Flavor-wise the dish has equilibrium, each segment balances well with the other. Even the corn at the bottom has a use: it helps one finish the soup to the very last drop! A filling ramen dish is easy on the stomach and good for the mind. If necessary, chile oil can be requested for depth and added heat on cold winter days. To note, I have tried some other dishes. The teppanyaki was delicious in the homely, down-to-earth sense. It lacks an array of flavors, mainly focusing on strong umami with some char for depth. Good, but I would prefer the ramen. The dishes are each very well prepared and presented for the soups and sushi. The ramen is the best in Kansas City by that category alone. The friendliness of the owners and servers here are bar-none, making the guest feel at home, comfortable in the wait for food. The decorations are simple yet modern, leading to a relaxing atmosphere that is great for conversing. Overall I was impressed with the ramen from the beginning and the experience has been consistent over the past few visits. Han Shin has become a staple in my food adventure with a ramen that keeps me coming back for more. Submitted 2-11-2017

Amanda M.

The house ginger dressing is to die for! Thank goodness they sell their house sauces because they are seriously addicting. The miso soup was dark, cloudy and Amazing!! Hot sake hit the spot and 3 22oz beers to pick from. We ordered the Hamachi Roll, Superman Burrito & Ebi Sushi combo that came with 6 piece Nigiri. All were great. The Burrito was literally a sushi burrito with a plethora of sauces on the side. A bit messy but soooooo tasty! They have 2 hibachi grills that were full the whole night (make sure and reserve your spot ahead of time). We waited about 15 min a the bar for a table on Sat night and it was worth the short wait! Submitted 1-22-2017

Nick P.

My family has been eating at Han Shin since I was a kid but it wasn’t until I grew up and started eating sushi that I found that of all the places I’ve lived or visited, Han Shin, hands down, has the best sushi in the US. Bonnie and Tommy put great care into both their service and the quality and preparation of each meal. Everything on the menu is amazing! Submitted 2-22-2016

John K.

I was told to “pick someplace fabulous” for a recent office lunch outing. We went to Han Shin, and it was fabulous. I work right across the street, but never knew this place was there – it is kind of tucked away in the back corner of a new strip mall (anchored by Dickey’s BBQ on one end and Frida’s Mexican Restaurant on the other). The interior is quiet and cozy. There were not many people there. We were seated at the Teppanyaki grill and cooked for/entertained by Teppanyaki chef Arturo. I’ve seen flashier and better Teppanyaki chefs, but Arturo did fine. My sidekicks all ate grilled meals and said they were very good. I ordered two sushi rolls: a Sapporo Roll that consisted of Salmon and avocado on crab meat with asparagus, and a Spicy Tuna Roll, which is your typical spicy tuna. The fish was fresh and flavorful, and the rice nicely seasoned with vinegar. They were served with nice drizzles of Rooster sauce (Sriracha) and a brown spicy sauce on the plate, along with your typical green wasabi paste (horseradish) and the whitest slices of ginger I’ve ever seen. The waitress (who I was later told was the owner’s wife) was very attentive, knowledgeable and efficient, and asked us for feedback, which I found very rare and refreshing. She brought me two Japanese Tempura ice creams (green tea and red bean) which I had never had before. They were coated in rice flour and flash fried. Nothing like Mexican fried ice cream, but were very tasty. I liked the floral note and astringent qualities of the green tea better than the red bean, which was definitely sweeter. Prices were pretty standard for lunch in the area. Teppanyaki dishes ranged from $ 8 to $ 16. The rolls were $ 13 and $ 12, respectively, and had about 8 pieces each. I will be going back here more often – but not on Mondays, when they are closed.

Lynnette A.

We have been frequenting Han Shin for at least 3 years….and we must report that we have eliminated our other Sushi restaurants choices altogether and ONLY eat at Han Shin for our sushi dates! Bonnie & Tommy are both excellent hosts and chefs. We have our ‘go to’ menu items which are ALWAYS consistent & fresh. How do we know?? Well, we frequent costal cities and islands on our travels..and they say you can’t get get any better sushi in those locations…well, we have that here in OP at Han Shin! If you want warm, friendly, accommodating service…skip the other sushi houses with attitude and eat here.

A. A.

Make a reservation bc they only have 2 very small hibachi style tables, but wow it was good! Got there abt 30 min before our reservation so we had some cocktails and appetizers including a sushi roll. All very solid. When it came to the hibachi / teppanyaki style dinner, all 4 of of us loved it. Service was quick, friendly and reliable. Had some of the best scallops I’ve ever had. Fried rice was wonderful and my husband loved his steak. I heard others raving abour the calamari. I already can’t wait to return! Love that this is in south joco as well.

Kolbie J.

I live very close to Han so I have ordered “to go” a few times and I’ve dined in at least twice. I’m not sure why but I’ve never seen this place full, there’s always a free table, if not two or three. I don’t know if no one has discovered this place or they use to be bad and have renovated/stepped up their food game.. either way, I LOVE their sushi and the atmosphere. It’s easy to place a pick up orders and it’s ready in less that 20 min. They have exactly what I like, and most places I have to special order and I hate it, and I KNOW the chefs hate it! My favorite rolls are the Dragon roll (California roll topped with spicy tuna) and the Paradise Roll (Crunch roll w/ cream cheese and topped with crab).

Susan H.

My husband and I found Han Shin on a whim about two years ago. Boy did we get lucky! We sat at the bar and owners Bonnie and Tommie took amazing care of us! They were happy to make quality suggestions and brought out a few things for us to try just because they thought we may enjoy them. Han Shin is the ONLY sushi restaurant we go to now. The quality is amazing, and the owners are simply fantastic! We couldn’t be happier. Having lived in San Francisco for several years – I’m blown away impressed by Han Shin’s quality and dedication to phenomenal sushi! This is a gem!

David T.

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Had the Snow Cone Sushi Roll and it was delicious. The apple sake went down way too easily. Could find myself face down in an alley if I wasn’t careful with how much I drink of this stuff. Definitely recommend this place. We are coming back and going to try the hibachi next time.

Michael D.

Anything I have tried, I have loved. The bento box is delicious, sushi is superb and, of course, anything from the hibachi is great. Extremely friendly staff (family owned). Definitely a must go.

Richard B.

We walked into a small restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. It felt upscale without being pretentious (nice balance!). Service was excellent! The person with me had the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box; I had the Monkey Brains roll (if only for the name!) The Bento box came with 4 pieces of California roll, chicken teriyaki, steamed rice, green salad, and miso soup. The Monkey Brains roll was essentially a California roll topped with spicy tuna and salmon. Presentation was excellent. The bento box was beautifully laid out and all the food was clearly freshly prepared. Dishes were nice; the silverware was presented nicely folded in a napkin with chopsticks. We tried each others dishes and were pretty impressed! The chicken teriyaki was very good; slightly sweet for my taste, but cooked perfectly with a great underlying meat flavor. It wasn’t bland rubber chicken, as is so often the case. The California roll was also very good. The sticky rice was sticky without being pasty. The salad had a nice Asian-style dressing that had a little punch, but nice. The Monkey Brains sushi was also excellent. The seafood appeared to be very fresh. From the taste, if it was frozen, it was the best job with frozen seafood I’ve seen in a long time. Very flavorful, prepared well. Prices were reasonable for this type of restaurant; with a soft drink and tip, we paid about $20 per plate. They also offer the tepenyaki-style cooking toward the back, though this wasn’t active when we were there. Finally, there was a terrific little feature: their regular’s have their dedicated chopsticks in cases mounted on the wall. Cute idea! So I’d recommend Han Shin in Overland Park. Good stuff!

Kathy M.

Staff is always welcoming and friendly. The food is very fresh and light tasting allowing the flavors to really come through. This trip we tried the summer roll, superman burrito, nigiri, onion soup and miso soup. We enjoyed all of it! It’s definitely worth trying out. Submitted 12-17-2015