Han Shin Japanese Steakhouse Kansas City

Kevin H.

I’ve NEVER had a bad meal here…. The FOOD IS OUT OF THIS WORLD… The Sushi is great and My wife loves the Hibachi We’ve NEVER had a Bad meal there…. awesome! Submitted 2-12-2018

Tara R.

While in Kansas visiting a friend, went here for my friend’s youngest brothers birthday. We had reservations for 8pm but got hungry earlier. So, we ventured down to see if we could be sat sooner. Turns out the reservation ahead of ours didnt show, so we got sat right away. Score! This place isnt very […]

Herbert Y.

This family run Japanese restaurant has been our favorite for many years. We were disappointed when they moved further away but the extra drive is made up for by their great food and friendliness. We have enjoyed their grill food always prepared with great entertainment by the chef (be ready for the egg roll). They […]

Stephanie B.

Love the salmon and Bonnie goes out of her way to make you happy and feel at home. Regulars get their own special chopsticks. I love this place. Submitted 9-27-2017

Arthur P.

A few days ago our family went to Han Shin for our niece‚Äôs b-day. My wife & I have never been there before but were quite interested in trying it. The restaurant is rather small. In the back area there are two large grills with seating around the grills (similar to the old Hibachi restaurant […]

Joshua W.

Ramen is love, ramen is life. I normally don’t write so highly of a place until I try more dishes, but I can’t help but love the amazing ramen that is served here. The review is mainly based off of my experiences with the ramen. The noodles are flavorful as expected, being thicker it is […]

Amanda M.

The house ginger dressing is to die for! Thank goodness they sell their house sauces because they are seriously addicting. The miso soup was dark, cloudy and Amazing!! Hot sake hit the spot and 3 22oz beers to pick from. We ordered the Hamachi Roll, Superman Burrito & Ebi Sushi combo that came with 6 […]

Nick P.

My family has been eating at Han Shin since I was a kid but it wasn’t until I grew up and started eating sushi that I found that of all the places I’ve lived or visited, Han Shin, hands down, has the best sushi in the US. Bonnie and Tommy put great care into both […]

John K.

I was told to “pick someplace fabulous” for a recent office lunch outing. We went to Han Shin, and it was fabulous. I work right across the street, but never knew this place was there – it is kind of tucked away in the back corner of a new strip mall (anchored by Dickey’s BBQ […]

Lynnette A.

We have been frequenting Han Shin for at least 3 years….and we must report that we have eliminated our other Sushi restaurants choices altogether and ONLY eat at Han Shin for our sushi dates! Bonnie & Tommy are both excellent hosts and chefs. We have our ‘go to’ menu items which are ALWAYS consistent & […]